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About  Jeffrey Louis-Reed / Disastronaut / the downs

Painter, Writer, Filmmaker, Classical Pianist,  DJ and Musician who records under own name and as Disastronaut and the downs. Now his child is 11, Jeffrey has decided to go back on international music and art circuit and has shows and events on 5 continents in 2016. Exceptionally prolific, He has been doing single week shows – In Paris, New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Hong Kong among others – showing up at the gallery [or abandoned building, shop or parking lot] a few days before opening and making the show in situ with found and recycled objects, sometimes even found in the basement store rooms of the buildings. In 2017, he is also releasing a new book of short stories, hundreds of records from archives to spotify and itunes, and doing hundreds of shows as a DJ at clubs, art galleries, festivals, fashion shows and parties worldwide.

Jeffrey is equally at home in Kentucky recording studios, abandoned cities in the Ukraine and London dance halls.

He's also on iTunes as Disastronaut, the downs and Jeffrey Louis-Reed. You can also find the music on most of the world's streaming services: Spotify, Amazon, Music Key, Beats, Rdio, Deezer & Tidal. 

Artist by day, composer & DJ by night;  Channel swimmer, searcher, visionary, writer and alchemist. Jeffrey was born in the US and has lived and worked in New York, Paris, Barcelona and London. He composes classical piano music, is a founder of Audio Sushi and is best known as Disastronaut, travelling the world to DJ in many of the world's leading clubs, catwalk shows and festivals. On average he plays to 5,000 people a weekend - so even now - he's still pulling in the crowds. 

 Frieze Show, London Autumn, 2016

Frieze Show, London Autumn, 2016

Time Out named him as one of 5 best resident DJs in London, most recently bringing 2 Many Bears, Massive Attack, Faithless, Hot Chip, Grandmaster Flash and Mike Skinner to play his regular night at the Dogstar, Brixton. He lives in Hastings with music and art studios overlooking the sea. An extremely prolific artist, he is much in demand with galleries and collectors and this year has exhibitions in London, Sussex, Paris and Tokyo

Jeffrey is an American electronic musician, producer, and remixer. He started on the radio in the post-punk era of 1983 playing records on the infamous WAIF in Cincinnati and went on to freeform station WARC in Pennsylvania. Playing early raves and warehouse parties in the 80s on the East Coast - a chance meeting in Thompkins Square Park - led him to infamous clubs like the Saint, Garage, etc. but always an outsider didn't really fit in to the HI-NRG scene and instead made experimental compositions on turntables, early synths and tape machines. 

Jeffrey also has done hundreds of performances and installations - as Bubbles and Madame Sex - both had own cult following and are still remembered fondly today.

It was only in London in 1989 when he found a more natural home amongst the nascent Acid house, queer artists and performers, drag queens, noise scene and art school terrorists - sex clubs and  the Digital hardcore of Berlin, Electroclash and later London Electronic music scene which he still is in today.  

Forward to now, Jeffrey combines extensive concerts, promoting & DJing on the weekends and a indefatigable art show schedule - 14 solo shows in 2013 and 20 in 2014 and 15 shows in 2015. And in 2016 / 17 a New paris Residency of 12 parts, shows in 23 cities and 13 countries. 

And painting in places like Doel, Belgium, Barcelona, China, Australia, Peru, Finland, Greenland, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, the Americas and Berlin

Jeffrey is now recording in Brooklyn, Kentucky and his adopted home town of Hastings. He's also doing a new set of classical recordings in Australia, Paris and London that are coming out on iTunes - as Jeffrey Louis-Reed. The latest release was a 3-hour performance "Antepenultimate" based on Travels in post-war Afghanistan. 

 photo painting - Tokyo Wishless Gallery 2015 

photo painting - Tokyo Wishless Gallery 2015 




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