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However, most records are being re-released for our 30th anniversary in music and will be announced here. 


Jeffrey has appeared on:  

Labels: temper japan / 555 records

/ trash / no future / label catastrophic

/ vital / hub 100 / fringecore / blast first / mute

and many others


Recent Works 

D.R.E.A.M. - solo piano works [label catastrophic] 2013

ABBR samplers vol 1-4   [label catastrophic] piano samplers  2010-2013

The Palantine Variations - LP live piano   [label catastrophic] 2013

Downtown Aerial - LP electronics + live piano  [label catastrophic]  2013





As Disastronaut


disastronaut "head girl" w/ tree carr - Cd/7"/dowload [20060 b side is "2 sons lost."  [label catastrophic]

disastronaut "50 remixes" [label catastrophic] 12" vinyl  [2006]
1 disco inferno instrumental
2 pimp instrumental
3 bass test demo
4 disco inferno vox
5 pimp vox
6 candy shop vox

disastronaut "have you ever thought - I can do that?" [2005]
[label catastrophic vinyl only lp] cat. 130_track listings:
note - pressing company went into liquidation and the record
stampers were lost - so this is extremely rare - only about 455
or so survived!
1.intro [by monky] :58
2. pub fight 5:12
3. 444 4:44
4. her eyes dub 1:32_
5. the bluebells [with 10 minutes with my dad] 5:32
6. kick the teeth right out of my head 3:12
7. clean mad man 1:22
8. kiss the horse 4:01
9. horse sprayer dub7:11
10. do you want some pussy? 4:50
11. no stones 5:12

disastronaut "white van man" [with 10 minutes with my dad] [2005]
[label catastrophic 10"] cat.127
1. white van man 4:01
2. 2. instrumental 4:01

disastronaut "compact disco" [hyper rich japan only CD] [2005]
1. the bluebells [with 10 minutes with my dad] 5:26
2.  super 8 1/2 [with 10 minutes with my dad] 2:43
3. bounce [with 10 minutes with my dad] 3:18
4. smoking [with 10 minutes with my dad] 3:19
5. aspirant 4:26
6. 48-340 4:11
7. piranha 5:15
8. horse sprayer dub 7:11
9. michael's afterlife
10. do you want some pussy? 4:50
11. no stones 5:12
12. instrumental 4:12
13. pub fight 5:12
14. white can man 4:01

back catalogue:
808 cowbell - 2004 12" label catastrophic - deleted
MACHINE BITCH lp- - 2004 label catastrophic
f is for fucked 2002 with greg reed [ceremony] / label catastrophic - 2002
disastronaut presents late reflection sound LP 2002 / label catastrophic - 2002
ryhoei ep / temper records japan 2002 - unreleased
capsule hotel lp / temper records japan 2002
live in japan 2002 with greg reed [ceremony] / label catastrophic - 2002
the ignorance of opinion [JAPAN ONLY] 2002 / temper records japan 2002
demolition expert ep 2002 / label catastrophic - 2002
iku iku (i'm coming, i'm coming) / temper records with remixes by
sonic dragolo 2001 -
with greg reed [ceremony]
something doesn't sound right here / label catastrophic - 2001
destructive record / label catastrophic - 2001 projector records
resist intimidation by catastrophe - 2001 projector records
unkkkle randy and stankey of the metropolitan police force of
cincinnati sing songs for the kkk 2001
unkkkle randy and stankey go world war 3 / label catastrophic - 2001
dead disco death ep / label catastrophic - 2000
the world of inferiors 2Xlp / label catastrophic - 1999
warning to all ravers - LP / anonyme & co. france - 1999
shorty after takeoff / wee dog japan / 1999
disasters at work 3xlp / catastrophic black - 1999
disastronaut - eponymous / informe 1998
maximum signal velocity ep / label catastrophic - 1998
music is taping home killing ep / subfreq - split with jo muggs,
semiconductor 1998
"about the end of the line" - dj magazine
early works 1983-1998 3 x LP - 180 minutes w/ hand painted case.

WHITE ROCK [2006] released on LAbel catastrophic & Digital formats
Balloon Girl Tragedy [2004] LAbel catastrophic LP / digital / limited
10" box set
Untrancended [2003] LAbel catastrophic LP / digital
Deathtripping [2003] LAbel catastrophic LP / digital
Into the Woods [2002] LAbel catastrophic LP / digital
evolover lp / label catastrophic -2001
howdy it's the... lp / label catastrophic -2001
levitation x2lp / lp / label catastrophic -2001
cardboard box / 6xcd set / label catastrophic -2001
demolition lp / label catastrophic -2000
wonder hollow lp / label catastrophic -1999
open fire lp / label catastrophic -1998
blood vien lp / label catastrophic -1997
without a, prole lp / label catastrophic -1997
live in brighton / label catastrophic -1997
last tapes lp / wee dog japan -1996-1999
extinctour lp / label catastrophic 13-1996-1999
the invasion of piracy lp / label catastrophic - 1996
live in paris / label catastrophic -1997
my appalations lp / small -1995
the downs LP - 1994
clear ass failure 2xlp / clear vinyl -1987-1999 [with Disastronaut]
seven sisters suicide tour ep / us bazzar -1996-1999
baby clothes - 1987  no label [unreleased]

THE DOWNS [1991] "I have a problem Im white and I like to sing"
on top of the whale
mow you down
new last day
don't go to buffalo*
we cut heads
wally, the gay organist
thift store megamix [uk turntable mix]
causeway to ohio
blue heron days
hold her head down
extra tracks CD only:
1 drink*
666 country farm*
* with greg reed

as BEAVER COUNTY [feat. peter hope-evans]
My name is Brenda EP label catastrophic [2006]
welcome to beaver county [2005] limited release - stampers lost at factory
live, vol 1-10. [2000-2005][no label] - various live shows in uk / europe
Lost Property [2004]label catastrophic
Kiss the Horse single [2004]  label catastrophic
live at st. peter's / label catastrophic - 2002
something doesn't sound right here / label catastrophic - 2002
HOT CHAT WITH REAL HOUSE WIVES 2002 / 30.11.94 records
what do we do now that there is nothing left to do lp / anonyme & co. - 2001
even the least of them will find the end lp / anonyme & co. - 2001
pigeons in the grass alas lp / label catastrophic - 2000
welcome to beaver county lp / anonyme & co. - 2000
also all live shows available on tape from peter hope-evans.

film/ video:
welcome to beaver county, 77 minutes - music film  april 2002 - filmed
in beaver county, PA.
4 tokyo shorts, 96 minutes - film 2002 - disastronaut in japan x 4
anonymous multiple portrait, 120 minutes - feature
you are here , 82 minutes - feature 1999 - paris detour on super 8mm
an imperfect moment, 79 minutes - documentary 1997 - documentary on
mapplethorpe in cincinnati, ohio
bank h, -  documentary 1997 - starring a young joe muggs
lead, 129 minutes - feature fillm 1991-1995 - featuring footage by the
late derek jarman -16mm . super 8mm
other films:
order 18 - 1987 [unfinished]
an imperfect moment - mapplethorpe in cincinnati - documentary [1997]
from 5 to 7 - 1999 [unfinished]

other Tracks Appear On:
I Hate Sonic Mook Experiment EP4 (12") Kick My Teeth Out HUB 100
Where The Fuck Is Mr. Million? (2xLP) Plaster Kidney Trash Records
Soft Love: A Tribute To Soft Cell (CD) Sex Dwarf 555 Recordings
Sonic Mook Experiment (2xCD) Kick My Teeth Out HUB 100
Sonic Mook Experiment (4xLP) Kick My Teeth Out HUB 100
555CD55 (2xCD) Untitled 555 Recordings
555CD55 (CD) Untitled 555 Recordings
Sonic Mook Experiment 3: Hot Shit (CD) Coming To Get You Blast First
i'm the daddy now / sonic mook experiement 2 blast first / mute [out
now] as joan of ass 2002
soft cell tribute album/ 555 records of philedelphia 2002 (remix of sex dwarf)
anon. / anonyme & co. 2001
black pig liberation front LP/ fringecore 2001 (remix of thurston
moore) - usa 2001
sonic mook experiment 2001 [hub 100] - 'kick the teeth out of my head'
feat. greg reed.
where the fuck is mr. million / trash 2000 - to be reissued soon with
joe muggs aka DJ dEAd.
[many more to be added to this section!]

remixes - full list to come - compiling now

as joan of ass:   [based in Brighton. uk]
Kiss My Ass (10")  555 Recordings
Tracks Appear On:
Sonic Mook Experiment 2: Future Rock & Roll (CD) I'm The Daddy Now Blast First
Sonic Mook Experiment 2: Future Rock & Roll (2xLP) I'm The Daddy Now
Blast First   [import version]
555CD55 (2xCD) Bodybuilding 555 Recordings
555CD55 (CD)
kiss my ass / 555 records of philedelphia 2001
*new LP is now being produced for late 2006.*

as WILD GUN MAN  [based in Cincinnati, Ohio]
99star ep/cassette release 1985
A pound of Jesus LP 1986
collect call 7" 1987
live at WAIF, cincinnati [benefit show] CD 1988
Fuck Ohio LP / CD 1988
...is now more. LP/Cd 1989

greg reed info:  [based in china]
Greg Frank - (aka: Disasters at work UK) is located in USA/UK/China.
His genre is electro tinged funky
tech-house, progressive and bass heavy breakbeat.
Born in the USA... He studied music from the age of 5 years old. He
attended the famed Musicians Institute
of Technology in Los Angeles, California. Moved to the UK and took a 4
1/2 year residency at the infamous
Lift club, located in Brighton, England. Has numerous releases and
world tours under his belt.
Greg's musical influence draws from a rich history of working
professionally with many genre and artist,
as a dj, guitarist, mc, producer and promoter.
2000 - Sonic Mook Experiment 1 - Mute/Blast First (UK/World) *An
eclectic who's who of new and underground
music. Appearing under the "Disastronaut" moniker, alongside artist
such as Meat Katie, Death in Vegas,
Asian Dub Foundation & Primal Scream, to name a few...
2000 -Disastronaut USA/UK tour
2001 -IKU IKU - Temper Records (Japan)
2001 -Tour Europe/Japan
2002 -Future of Rock & Roll -Mute/Blast First (UK) *The second
installation of the Sonic Mook Experiment
library would see Greg take a production roll, working with Lolita
Storm's Romy and Disastronaut. Again
appearing alongside well known underground artist such as Fat
Truckers, 2nd Gen & The Eighties Matchbox
B-Line Disaster...
2002 -Ceremony -Hammerheart Records (World) *Greg puts his well known
guitar playing and producing to
work for a release on Hammerheart Records. Working with Steve Tucker
(Morbid Angel) and Pat O'brien
(Cannibal Corpse) the record came to rave reviews among metal
communities around the globe
2003 -The Wayside Junction - Beatroot(UK)
2003 -UK tour
2003 -Disastronaut - Inticrec(Japan)*This release came with production
and remixes from Hyper Rich artist
Sonic Dragolgo
2003 -Hot Shit - Mute/BlastFirst (UK/World)*Disastronaut, Appearing
alongside such artist as!!!
(chk chk chk), The Martini Henry Rifles & Yeah Yeah Yeahs...
2004 -Greg signed to label Catastrophic (UK) 2004 -UK/Japan/China tour
2005 -signed to DVR and has 6 releases available for purchase on all
of the major websites.
2005 -Asia/UK/USA tours
2005 -3 vinyl only releases on label Catastrophic...available for
purchase at all UK vinyl shops.
2006 will again see numerous releases on label Catastrophic, as well
as BellaBomb Records, which Greg
has signed 3 tracks to, for spring release dates.
In addition to studio work, Greg will again be making the rounds
throughout Europe, USA and Asia.

Disastronaut on FRINGECORE
Leveraging its platform as The International Forum of Progressive
Culture, the main thrust of Fringecoreís
releases is based on bringing progressive movements to a wider
audience. Much of our work brings together
unusual combinations of artists, styles and media in search of new
musical/cultural horizons. Fringecore
album releases include work by or collaborations with: Michael Gira
(Angels of Light, Swans, The Body
Lovers); Denis Mahoney aka Tariq Zayid & Torres brothers (Black Pig
Liberation Front); Thurston Moore &
Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth); Mike Watt (Minutemen, DOS, Porno for
Pyros); Nels Cline; Stephen Perkins
(Porno for Pyros, Janes Addiction, Banyan); David Coulter (Pogues,
Test Dept.) Marc Ribot (Tom Waits);
Ghedalia Tazartes; J.J. Palix; Graeme Miller; Steve Nieve (Elvis
Costello); Brad Scott (Arthur H); Phil
Minton; Chris Long; DJ Spooky; Larry Mullins (Iggy Pop, The
Residents); Thor Harris (Lisa Germano); Bill
Bruford (Ministry); Seratonin; The Pennies; Jarboe (Swans, World of
Skin); Terry Edwards; Jim Filer
Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop, Here); Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop); DJ Low; DJ
Shecky; Serious; Eve Couturier;
Jeff Ryan; Anton Price; Nihilist; Disastronaut; etc. etc.